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Test of structure of transmission line tower

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    Test of tower structure of transmission line:
    Improve the ability of independent innovation
    Improving the capacity of independent innovation and building an innovation-oriented country is the core of national development strategy and the key to improve the overall strength. In February 2009, the state council executive meeting examined and principles through the equipment manufacturing industry of adjustment in the revitalization of the planning is put forward, to accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, must rely on the national key construction projects, large-scale carry out major technical equipment manufacture. Including the efficient cleaning in key areas such as power generation, uhv substation and electricity, etc., which is based on uhv ac/dc power transmission demonstration project, in order to ac transformer, dc converter transformer, reactor, current transformer, voltage transformer, totally enclosed combined electrical appliances, pushing into the 750, 1000 kv ac and + 800 kv dc power transmission and transformation equipment for democracy.
    The high voltage transmission technology is the high point of the world power grid technology and master the technology of ultra-high voltage transmission. It is a major technological innovation project in the outline of China's national long - term science and technology development plan. Therefore, the construction of transmission line tower grid is implementing the scientific concept of development, enhance the independent innovation ability, improve the level of democracy, promote industrial upgrading, the whole face important way to promote the competitiveness of the industry.
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