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Tower installation safety control points

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Tower installation safety control points
1, the supervisors shall require the contractors according to site conditions, equipment conditions, construction personnel, construction safety measures, such as the construction season as part of the construction organization design, after review must seriously implement.
2. All construction personnel must be familiar with the rules of safe operating procedures, carry out professional training for high-altitude operation, and have a certificate of duty to prevent any violation of the operation phenomenon.
3. The construction leader must be designated for each process, and the person in charge of the procedure shall be responsible for the technical and security operation of the construction personnel prior to the construction.
4, the staff of each process must be with the corresponding labor protection articles, of labor protection supplies and equipment should be regularly check, such as seat belts must be through the tensile test, able to withstand the impact of the 150 kg test, safety belt belt, shackle, the chain must be normal. The seat belt must be placed in a specified place after use, and should not be put together with other sundries. 5, construction machines and tools, such as the boom, boom, pulley, electric hoist, hand winch, wire rope needs such as lifting equipment, should be based on the load size, structure, weight, installation method, etc. Choose a different safety factor. Must be examined carefully before use. Safety coefficient of hand winch is greater than 3; Safety coefficient of electric hoist is greater than 5. The safety coefficient of derrick and boom is greater than 3. The safety coefficient of pulley is greater than 3. The safety factor of wire rope is greater than 10.
6. The center of the center is the center of the center of the tower, and the radius is 1.05 times as the radius of the working area. The construction area should be surrounded by the construction personnel.
7. In the center of the center of the tower, 20% of the height of the tower is the radius of the scope of the construction area. No one can enter the construction area without the permission of the on-site command personnel and notify the staff of the tower to suspend the operation.
8. There should be no obstacle in the construction site, such as ditch, building, cliff, steep and so on must take safe and effective measures before construction.
9. Transmission lines shall not be used in the construction area.
10. For the construction equipment installed at the site, detailed inspection and testing must be carried out, and the normal rear can be used. The installation position of electric hoist and hand-rolling winch must be located outside the construction area.
11. The construction of the tower cannot be built when the environment and weather conditions are not good. The ground temperature more than 40 ℃ or below - 20 ℃; Wind or wind above 5 or above; Dust, fog, or low visibility weather; Rain or ice and snow; Ice and frost before melting on the tower; There are thunderstorms in the vicinity;
12. People who are ill and do not adapt to the upper tower will not be allowed to do the work on the tower, and those who have drunk the previous day or the previous day are not allowed to go to the tower.
13. The construction personnel must fasten the safety belt before the operation of the tower, to check whether the safety belt hooks are normal, the head is wearing the helmet and the conductor should check the rear to work again. When working on the tower, you must fasten your seat belt securely to the safe place. After fastening the seat belt, try to pull, confirm the safety, before the construction is like the body close to the tower body, the seat belt relaxation, should check whether the link is normal, confirm normal rear work.
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