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Classification of transmission line towers

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Classification of transmission line towers:
Transmission line tower, according to its shape can be divided into: general glass type, the cat head type, type, dry type and bucket five kinds, according to utility cent: tension towers, straight, corner tower, transposition towers (replace wire phase position tower), terminal tower and the crossing tower and so on, their structure is characterized by various tower type space truss structure, bar is mainly composed of single equilateral Angle steel or combination of Angle steel, material generally use (A3F) Q235 and Q345 (16 mn) two kinds, unfinished bolts, is used to connect between the bar by bolt shear connection, the tower is composed of Angle steel, connecting plate and bolt, individual components such as column foot from several steel plate welded into an assembly, so hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion, transportation and construction installation is very convenient. For the tower under 60m, a pin is set on one of the main pieces of the tower to facilitate the operation of the construction operator.

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